Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The God Room...

The other day I was sitting in my quiet place, the room in my home we call the God Room. It's one of the bedrooms that became a "spare" room because three out of four of our children has moved out to begin homes of their own. It's even shaped like a cross...two dormers across from each other make the shape happen. This God Room is my "healing haven".

It has a bed, a loveseat, a rocker and footstool. A table with all you need for writing down your heart and bookshelves stuffed with God type books. It also has gum wrapper chains cascading over where the rocker is and many pieces of sentiment sitting around reminding me of various God moments when He yet again healed another part of my heart. The red train caboose that reminds me that love is an action and the feelings will catch up later (going from the caboose to the engine). The sparkly silver princess type shoe and the three tiaras (all different) that remind me who my Daddy God says I am on those days that I cannot comprehend how He could possibly love me.

Then there are the WORDS. Names of God, scriptures that have tugged at my heart, random quotes or sayings...all words that God has used to change me, to grow me. All these words...on the walls. Written in sharpies in an absolute rainbow of colors! Because I'm the mom in this house and I'm ALLOWED to write on the walls!!!

Sitting in my God Room that day, I looked around and realized I felt chaos. A couple things had been put in there to be stored, the floor really needed vacuumed, the sentimental items had been shifted and made askew...all this happening over a few weeks time and I felt CLUTTERED, CHAOTIC. My spirit unsettled.

Yesterday, I spent the day in there. Praying to God about chaos and unsettledness and also cleaning up God's space. By the end of my cleaning and setting aright of that room, I had realized something. Well, God in His gracious love and care had laid on my heart something. His special room in our house, was a direct reflection of my spirit, heart and mind at that time. I had been slowly becoming more and more unsettled in my spirit. More and more cluttered of mind. More and more chaotic in my heart. Upon that realization I prayed for a thorough cleaning inside me! I had taken much upon myself, with that attitude of oh "I" can do this! Note the word "I". I had set Him aside in the busyness of life til "later". The combination of "I", and setting aside...well, let's just say, is not a good thing! I prayed, He cleaned.

Now the God Room has this COMPLETELY different atmosphere. Like new air in it. It is clutter and chaos free. And my spirit? It is refreshed, it is decluttered, it is CLEAN. Praise His Name!


  1. It is amazing how quickly we can get all cluttered with "stuff" that keeps us all wound up and messed up. I love the sound of your God room and would love to see a photo sometime. It sounds like a wonderful place to rest in Him. We all need a place like that. Glad you are refreshed and clutter free! Love you! Vicki

  2. WOW I love this! God is so gracious, so wonderful. I'm glad He cleaned YOU up and your God room too! I love you Sweet Jeanette!


  3. Beautiful! I love heart and physical rooms, too. And the room sounds amazing! (I'm a sucker for dormer windows!)

  4. I loved this post. It describes my exact feelings at some times!